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Faulted Circuit Indicators

Edison Controls FCI Inc.'s. Line Powered Faulted Circuit Indicators are designed to minimize restoration time. Underground or overhead, these sophisticated, reliable instruments enable a utility to reduce the cost of fault locating, crew and equipment time. When a series of EC FCls are installed on a distribution network, they work like this:

Faulted Circuit Indicators application diagram

Reliability, Quality, Performance

Edison Controls Faulted Circuit Indicators are line powered; no routine maintenance is required. Permanently installed, they will operate reliably for twenty years or more. All EC FCIs are individually tested three times to meet assembly and performance specifications. Overload protection, mechanical and electrical integrity is built-in.


Fast Delivery
Lowest Available reset current in the industry, 1 amp on most ranges
Lowest available trip levels in the industry (25 amps)
High accuracy & stability
Rugged construction
Saturating ferrite core
Transient over current protection
Versatile - many options available
Longest available delayed reset, up to 3 days


General Specifications, Trip Response Curves and Glossary of Terms

Single Phase

All Styles

Three Phase

All Styles

Overhead Applications

Edison Controls FCIs are widely used in overhead distribution systems. They are designed for installation on energized or de-energized lines. Completely weather proof, the units meet with ANSI/IEEE 495l9X6 environmental requirements for years of maintenance-free service under all conditions. The highly visible indicator provides easy identification at a distance.

Underground Applications

Edison Controls FCIs are designed for all underground distribution systems. The units can be elbow or line mounted, single or three phase. Remote indicator mounting option provides convenient and highly visible trip indication up to fifty feet from the sensor. Cable size, voltage and location are not critical. The units are completely sealed and submersible.

Field Experience

Edison Controls FCIs are used by REA's, public and investor-owned utilities worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of units are in service. Edison Controls has the experience, technology, and manufacturing capacity to respond to the needs of the power industry.

Give Edison Controls a call today, so that we may assist you in selecting Faulted Circuit Indicators for your varied applications. We have representatives throughout the United States to assist you promptly.

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