Products designed to indicate and locate faults on underground electrical distribution circuits.

Field Proven Line-Powered Faulted Circuit Indicators

Edison Controls F.C.I. was founded in New Jersey in 1971 to manufacture electrical fault circuit indicators for power utilities. In 1996, the company relocated to Alabama. In 2018 the company relocated to its current headquarters and manufacturing facility in the Effingham Industrial Park in Rincon, Georgia.

Edison Controls F.C.I. has the experience, technology, and manufacturing capacity to respond to the needs of the power industry. Our faulted circuit indicators are designed to minimize restoration time by providing a visual indication of the affected circuit, reducing the costs of fault locating, crew and equipment time. Edison Controls line-powered faulted circuit indicators are a proven design used by IOU’s, Co-Ops, Munis, and public utilities everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of units are in service worldwide.

Reliability, Quality, Performance

Edison Controls Faulted Circuit Indicators are line powered; no routine maintenance is required. Permanently installed, they will operate reliably for twenty years or more. All Edison Controls faulted circuit indicators are individually routine tested before shipment to meet stringent assembly and performance specifications. Overload protection, mechanical, and electrical integrity is built in.

Product features

Field proven design manufactured in the
USA USDA Rural Development Utilities Programs Electric Programs Approval Listing
Low cost, low lead times, and fast delivery

Down to 1A available reset current
Down to 25A trip level available
High accuracy & stability
Rugged construction

Saturating ferrite core
Transient over-current protection
Complies with IEEE Std 495